Hi, I'm Geoff Campbell, Digital + Social Media Specialist at Friends' Central School.


Geoff Campbell HubSpot Certified

I’m now HubSpot Certified (and such)


eduWeb Digital Summit #eduweb15 Recap

Geoff Campbell Inbound Certified

HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification


Twitter Cards now auto-expand on mobile


The difference between SEM and SEO (paid and organic search)

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Advanced Certification in Video Advertising

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Google Analytics Re-certification

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Google Analytics 301 Course (LunaMetrics)


It never gets easier, you just get better

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Reviewing HTML/CSS

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The advancement of digital and social media campaign development and analysis

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Retaking “Digital Analytics Fundamentals”

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Google Tag Manager Course (Analytics Academy)

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Google Analytics Beginners (Academy Courses)

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Google AdWords (Re-) Certification!

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Google Tag Manager for Cross Domain Tracking and more

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Google Analytics Custom Segments for Schools


Adding Metadata to Optimize Web Content for Social

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Using Campaign Tagging to Tackle Dark Social


Quaker Works alumni magazine is out!

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The Benefits of Consuming a Balanced Media Diet

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Evertrue Community App @FriendsCentral


Measuring the “Quality” of Videos


Thank you, CASE District II!


Flickr, Google Custom Search, AddThis Social Sharing and more!


Friends’ Council on Education Workshop


Web Goals for 2015

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Never Stop Learning (CASE D2 Conference Scholarship)

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Why Private Schools Should Dig Deeper into Analytics


Video Marketing – What Private Schools need to learn from Higher Ed


Improving the User Experience (friendscentral.org)

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12 Weeks at Friends’ Central

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CASE Twitter Chat (#CASESMC)


Starting at Friends’ Central School


Last day at Hebron Academy

Geoff Campbell Google Analytics Presentation

Google Analytics Presentation at WhippleHill Conference


Professional Development


Represented Mount Allison at a college fair

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“Welcome to Hebron” Video

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Last Winter Pictures

google analytics platform principles

Completed Google Analytics Platform Principles

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HEBRON Magazine (Photos)

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Video at Hebron

guys and dolls-285

Guys & Dolls at Hebron

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CASE District 1 Conference Scholarship


Newhouse Mobile Magazine Contest

Founder's Day

Design Work at Hebron


Winter Photos from Hebron

Final Cut Pro X Certification

Final Cut Pro X Certification


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