Geoff Campbell According to Google or Why You Need LinkedIn and BrandYourself

Geoff Campbell's LinkedIn Profile

If you’re looking for a professional job where people will do any sort of background check, they’re going to at the very least google your name, and it’s important to have only the best results show up on the first page of results, and very important you get to be the first result because 34% of people click on the #1 result.

Geoff Campbell's LinkedIn Profile
Geoff Campbell’s LinkedIn Profile

Unfortunately I’ve only got to the second result, but it’s my LinkedIn profile, followed by a listing of people named “Geoff Campbell”, with my profile as the top listing. If you don’t know, LinkedIn is an online listing of your education, experience, and recommendations in addition to being powerful tool for professionals to connect with current and future employers, and peers in your industry.

Geoff Campbell's BrandYourself Progress
Geoff Campbell’s BrandYourself Progress

I’m currently using this great new online tool at that helps people get their positive links to rank higher in Google search results. It has helped me move positive links 87 positions and buried unwanted (“not me”) links down 23 positions. You should give it a try.