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How Crayola confirms going to graduate school now fits into my career goals

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There is some disagreement about whether or not it’s a good idea to go to graduate school for public relations directly out of undergraduate school. An informal survey by the pros at PRSA showed some extreme confirmation bias. Every single one of the respondents who went straight to grad school said experience prior to grad school wasn’t necessary while all the other said it was best to have experience. Evidently my limited professional experience was not a hinderance to any of the programs to which I applied, some of which required or recommended it before applying.

Either way, I will be attending the PR Master’s program at Newhouse which is designed “primarily for recent college graduates seeking entry into the field of public relations“. The professional track curriculum includes two mandatory internships (one in Syracuse, the other after all other program requirements are met).

The curriculum seems to include everything asked for from ideal candidates in Public Relations managers except for the requisite experience. For example, examining Crayola’s job description for their Social Media and Public Relations manager one can see that aside from the required years of direct experience (overall and with budgets, etc), the curriculum and required professional experience would qualify a Newhouse graduate for the position after the years of necessary experience and quite possibly in a shorter time frame than those without an advanced degree. Below are three especially relevant courses/required program elements and the corresponding “Desired Skills and Experience” from the job description.

PRL 615 Public Relations Campaign Planning & Execution

Students apply strategic planning, research and tactics to client needs. Teams design, execute and evaluate appropriate integrated campaigns for actual clients. Frequent client/team interaction required. Campaign books produced are part of the student’s professional portfolio.

PRL 725 Public Relations Management

Historical and current management theories and practices to apply to the public relations function. Students learn the responsibilities of managing a public relations department.

PRL 525 Public Relations Practicum

On-site work experience in the Syracuse area to acclimate students to the realities of organizational life; to explore one type of public relations in depth; to apply classroom theory to the solution of everyday communications problems and to develop additional work samples for professional portfolios.

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