CisionPoint Media Lists

CisionPoint Media List for PRL 604

Cool stuff, courtesy of the Newhouse School:

CisionPoint Media List for PRL 604

CisionPoint Media List for PRL 604

Ketchum Mindfire

A couple weeks ago, our PRL 600 class had the chance to talk to KetchumPR’s Global Creative Initiatives Manager Brian Keenean. He talked about Mindfire, the crowd-sourcing PR idea website that pays student for their thoughts. Then he invited anybody interested to join the site and see the confidential requests for information from Ketchum clients. It says a lot about Newhouse (and our professor specifically, whom Keenan said he trusts enough to only teach smart students) that there’s an automatic acknowledgement of at least a baseline of merit just for being here. Given, Mindfire doesn’t pay unless the community and the client like your idea and the requests for input aren’t exactly company secrets but it means something that Keenan would spend time on our class.

Here’s a bit more information on Mindfire. Sorry I can’t share any details but I can say it’s a really collaborative initiative and I might write more about my necessarily vague impressions of it later.

For now, here’s a video

First Graphic Design Project – Resume

Geoff Campbell Resume

[Updated 02/20/13]

I just finished my first graphic design project for Darren Sanefski’s GRA 617: Visual Design Theory and Practice course at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. It’s my resume, except better. Let me know what you think. For class I posted it to the class blog, along with a fictional phone number and address (I don’t like random visitors or phone calls). Here’s the pdf. Feel free to provide feedback.

But you got cookie, so share it maybe?

So it turns out that given the workload oppressive heat (it’s only 77°F back where I went to college in Sackville, New Brunswick) I may not be able to be as contemplative and report as much on this program as I would have liked but I will still be sharing a few things every now and then.

What I’d like to share with you right now is a video I saw on a friend’s Facebook page and then again in class when it was played by Professor Cookie Caloia (who is loved by the entire GRA 617 class not least of which is because she has given us cookies every time she has lectured so far). I’m not as embarrassed as I should be to admit I’ve seen it about five times now. It’s very fitting for this moment as many of us were tired enough from all the work to laugh at Cookie Monster but at the same time signifies just how exciting and kooky this whole process is. Without further adieu, “Share It Maybe” by Cookie Monster:


Kicking it up a notch @NewhouseSU

Today begins my first full week of graduate school. I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed at times here but there’s no way back from here. I have next to no graphic design experience and from one lab and looking at our class blog I can tell I’m in a class with really bright people who are more artistically inclined/have more experience w/ Adobe CS.

But honestly now’s not the time for excuses like those. It’s time to learn and to do better.

As I’ve mentioned on my other blog and implied here, posting things publicly gives it added importance as it’ll be publicly viewed and possibly critiqued. Blogging over the past four years, however, has not been for class credit. I’m really going to have to kick it up a notch if I’m going to look even half-decent compared to my other classmates. If you’d like to follow along with my and my classmates’ assignments in GRA 617 you can follow along here. If you’d like to see my posts (including finished projects) you can do so here. So far it’s been nothing to be proud of but sharing it makes it want to improve and I know I will. Commenting on other’s work is a required part of the class so here’s to hoping the feedback on my work is positive.

For anyone considering coming to Newhouse for any program for graduate school, these posts will serve as in insight to the kind of work we’re doing here. I’ve got a bit of nervous energy being able to work next to some really bright students on something I know very little about but in which I’d really like to improve.

Oh, and in case you’re not aware of Emeril Lagasse, here’s what I mean by kicking it up a notch:


GRA 617 Visual Communications Theory and Practice with Professor Darren Sanefski

Thinking with Type - Ellen Lupton
Thinking with Type - Ellen Lupton

Thinking with Type, the required textbook for GRA 617 Visual Communication Theory and Practice at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Today I began my first graphic design course since high school, GRA 617 Visual Communications Theory and Practice at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications taught by graphic design and photography Assistant Professor Darren Sanefski who also runs DMS Design Studio, a graphic design business with clients including Boeing, Pacificare, Syracuse University.

From the GRA 617 Visual Communication Theory & Practice syllabus:

Graphics 617 is a practical introduction to graphic design as it applies to your
Newhouse studies and to the greater professional field. The course includes visual
thinking, problem solving, typography, layout and design principles, and art
direction through type and image use. The course combines lectures, hands-on
moderated lab sections to learn the Adobe CS5 software (moving to CS6 this
summer), and class exercises including blogging. Required lectures are held for the
entire group in an auditorium setting, and labs are broken into smaller sections of
approximately 15 students headed by an Instructional Assistant (student) in a
Macintosh computer lab. Weekly projects are due every Friday starting the first full
week of the class. Weekly project critiques guide students to redo projects for
resubmission for re-grading.

First day of grad school at Newhouse

Geoff Campbell / S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
Geoff Campbell / S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Geoff Campbell / S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Today I attended orientation at the S.I. Newhouse School for Public Communications. Despite being an uncomfortably hot summer day and being herded through buildings for photos and speeches (including an interesting talk by Sean Branagan on creating a start-up), it was a great  day to start what I’ve heard is an incredible eleven month program.

I met the 33 other (predominantly female) PR students  in my year. Highlighting just how intense and short the program is, our new program head Maria Russel spent much of the class discussing internships. After completing our final course and cumulative exam in May we’re finished on campus but must complete at least eight weeks of full-time work in a PR-related department in order to receive our degree. Eleven months from now my goal is to have a full-time job, as opposed to an internship which has become more and commonly the entry-point for recent graduates in the field.

Tomorrow my graduate education begins with four hours of PRL 604: PRL 604: Writing for News and Public Relations. We’re going discussing creating our mock media kit and then listening to Professor Reff’s lecture on

What is News?  Soft vs. hard; News writing: structure of a news story; leads/conclusions, using quotes, writing from a speech/press conference/press release, writing for the web; Writing exercises; Present subject of individual media kits.  Assignment for 7/9:  Bring one question about news writing for guest speaker Professor Bob Lloyd.

Below is the schedule for the rest of the week for any prospective students. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Public Relations Master's "Boot Camp" Schedule at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Public Relations Master’s “Boot Camp” Schedule at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications