Ketchum Mindfire

A couple weeks ago, our PRL 600 class had the chance to talk to KetchumPR’s Global Creative Initiatives Manager Brian Keenean. He talked about Mindfire, the crowd-sourcing PR idea website that pays student for their thoughts. Then he invited anybody interested to join the site and see the confidential requests for information from Ketchum clients. It says a lot about Newhouse (and our professor specifically, whom Keenan said he trusts enough to only teach smart students) that there’s an automatic acknowledgement of at least a baseline of merit just for being here. Given, Mindfire doesn’t pay unless the community and the client like your idea and the requests for input aren’t exactly company secrets but it means something that Keenan would spend time on our class.

Here’s a bit more information on Mindfire. Sorry I can’t share any details but I can say it’s a really collaborative initiative and I might write more about my necessarily vague impressions of it later.

For now, here’s a video