Richard Branson’s – Humanizing a Brand

PRL 614 Blog Review Assignment

Eccentric billionaire and Charman of Virgin Group Richard Branson authors a blog on the Virgin website where he writes on various topics from his time signing the Sex Pistols and the Golden Jubilee kerfuffle, the key to negotiating, to supporting drug legalization.

The posts in their totally not only provide a glimpse into the thinking of Branson but the kind of chairman he is the kind of companies he runs. By writing freely about what he thinks he gives the idea that the Virgin group of companies is a forward- and free-thinking group of companies.

It fits in with the other types of fresh communication from shooting an entire movie at 35,000 feet to promote Virgin Airlines to ‘fight the man’ type advertisements for its other brands (especially Virgin Music).

In general CEOs should be encouraged to write blogs to give a face to their companies. While there is the potential risk of having a less-than media-friendly executive hurting the brand image in various ways, for the most part CEO blogs have been positive insights into companies from the people who know them best.