I’m now a “Hootsuite Certified Professional”

After getting an offer for free “Hootsuite University” training via Klout Perks I spent a few hours going through the certification process to become a “Hootsuite Certified Professional“. Shortly thereafter I got an email from a potential Hootsuite University student asking if employers valued the certification. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge but my feeling is that it wouldn’t hurt and the extent to which it might be helpful is the extent to which you have demonstrated or can demonstrate your knowledge.

The certification itself demonstrates that you know how to use the software to engage on multiple social media platforms strategically but I think discussing how that would inform how you would  manage social media for an organization would be more valuable during an interview.

I earned the certificate because it may have a positive impact on my prospects of getting hired for a social media-related position. There’s a lot of junk “certifications” out there but Hootsuite is an industry leader so at the very least it’s not a negative indicator.

What do all of you think of the certificate?