Community Relations @ UVA

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned I’m not going to be posting on here as often as I’d like to but I’d like to provide a bit of an update. I’m currently working as a Community Relations Intern in the Office of University Communications at the University of Virginia from now until July 25th. I’m two weeks into my primary project of helping to update the University of Virginia’s community outreach directory known as Outreach Virginia. This is my second time working at a school at which I’m not a student so I’ve adjusted fairly quickly.

There are some things that I’ve gotten to understand (like what a Wahoo is, why graduation is called Final Exercises, why the quad is called a lawn). Here they denote years like in Canada (1st year, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc following Jefferson’s notion that you never stop learning..and it just makes more sense) which is nice.

People here are really nice in a way that reminds me of Canada. Campus is beautiful and I’ve explored the area a bit (which you can see on my Instagram account) and it’s a great combination of necessary amenities and being close to nature and hiking trails.

However, I can’t get too comfortable. I still have to send back two sets of journals discussing my experiences here and how public relations theories mesh with reality. I’ll done this internship (and all of my master’s coursework) July 25th and I’ll be looking for full-time work. I’m looking at listings across the US and Canada for positions at higher ed instituations that include social media outreach (be it in an admissions, communications, alumni relations, or individual college office) that begin as early as July 29th. I’ll update everyone here with any progress (and likely another “Hire Me” post) in the near future.