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HEBRON Magazine (Photos)

The last few months have been, as always, busy ones in the Hebron communications office. There’s always something to be posted or updated and new projects to work on but once in a while there’s something that is a finished piece that’s worth recognizing. My boss and HEBRON Editor Liza Tarr put countless hours of work into managing the production of the school’s new magazine.

I was going to write a separate post about the varied photographic work I’ve done at Hebron over the last six months but I think with the exception of Winter Sports (which I’ll post about later), it’s a good sampling of my work during over that time-period.

From the cover image to Reunion-Homecoming Weekend (particularly this picture), the Middle School Olympiad, portraits, a vendor-made ad for the news website I manage, an interview I had with a Nova Scotia MLA, and other assorted pieces, I’m glad my work was included in the publication. I’m grateful for the hard work of many across campus that made the magazine possible and now have a greater appreciation for the time and energy that goes into these publications.

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