Newhouse Mobile Magazine Contest


Working in such an immersive environment with so many ongoing projects it can be easy to lose track of what’s happening outside of the bubble. The exact same thing happened at Mount Allison but I think that’s part of what made it such a special place.

However, the other day I was reminded of my time at the Newhouse School in upstate New York (which I left nearly nine months ago for the University of Virginia where I completed my degree with an internship in the office of Community Relations) when I got an email asking my permission to use photos I took at last year‘s Tablet Magazine Competition. It was my first real out-of-the-classroom photography experience and (after reassurance from professors impressed by the outcome that it was good work) it really helped build my confidence when it came to photography. I’m thankful for that learning experience and humbled that the Newhouse School webmaster thinks my photos are good enough to include on their impressively redesigned website.