Completed Google Analytics Platform Principles

Working at a small independent school, I’ve learned to adapt quickly to the changing communications needs of the school. In December, I helped launch HebronToday, a news website featuring a full-array of content about campus highlights.

The next step is to more directly align the website’s content with organizational goals.

In an effort to improve my knowledge of web analytics I reviewed Google Analytics Academy’s first course, Digital Analytics Fundamentals, and took and passed the final evaluation for Google Analytics Platform Principles, the more advanced follow-up course. Below is my certificate from the course.

I think reviewing the basics is an important precursor to intelligently looking at how to best measure the performance of the site and will ultimately help lead to increasing its value to the school. It also reminded me of the fact that one never stops learning. Despite finishing my formal education with a master’s degree, in the communications field there’s no end to self-improvement.

google analytics platform principles