Represented Mount Allison at a college fair

On Tuesday, March 18, I represented Mount Allison University at a college fair in Massachusetts. I was offered the opportunity after speaking to a past classmate at Mount Allison who now works in the school’s admissions office and is responsible for recruiting in the U.S. I got in touch with him about recruiting Hebron students and he asked me about whether I’d be willing to be the face of my alma mater at a college fair.

I had an amazing time at Mount Allison. I wrote about my experiences for the Registrar’s Office (which, in Canada, includes admissions) for four years and worked in the marketing and communications office trying to tell the story of this school that meant so much to me. I couldn’t say no, so once my time-off was approved, I took the time to drive down and do my best.

The last time I was at a college fair I was looking for a college to attend so it was a new experience for me. Thankfully, I was stationed next to two great representatives who talked me through the rules (well, rule, really, which was no talking to students/parents unless they approach you). I had no script or pitch to memorize but I had no problem ad-libbing about my experience and how the school and the small down was a great learning environment.

My goal was getting the new viewbook in the hands of as many interested students as possible. Though it is a major conversion goal, regardless of whether or not any of the people with whom I spoke ultimately matriculate to Mount Allison, I had a great time speaking with parents and students about the place that had such a great impact on my development as a young adult.

It was a great experience advocating for my school and I’d recommend it to my classmates and anyone who was passionate about their school but don’t work there.

Below is a picture from my trip: