12 Weeks at Friends’ Central

Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been remiss in posting here. It’s been a busy three months.

Yesterday marked week 13, day one at FCS. In that time period I’ve learned all a lot about my school, its mission and vision, and its place in the local independent school marketplace.

It has been a great learning experience working just outside the fifth most populous city (behind Houston and ahead of Phoenix) in the country. Montgomery County is a highly competitive market when it comes to private schools, with 21.7% of students (grades 9-12) enrolled in private school. so I have my work cut out for me.

There was a lot to do over the first three months. I’ve

-helped to build our new Finalsite website from design all the way up to its launch yesterday

-helped document a Peace Day events on both of our campuses

-went to the world-renowned Pendle Hill retreat and conference center for an enlightening two-day intensive Friends’ Council on Education workshop (Educators New to Quakerism)

-improved the visibility and legitimacy of our social media presence by securing the verification of our Twitter account

-built upon my knowledge (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) and experience (discussed during my WhippleHill conference presentation this summer) with GA by taking the advanced course provided by LunaMetrics



That’s just the beginning. Now that our new Finalsite website up and running my priorities (in addition to ensuring the website is functioning well) will be to create compelling content that captures the experiences that are emblematic of an FCS education.

In addition I’ll be using web analytics to demonstrate the link between the school’s efforts to tell our story (through video, photos, and written content) and the strategic goals of the school (aiding the admission office in their goal of filling the school with talented and socially conscious students and helping the development office in their stewardship and fundraising efforts).

It has been an honor to help encapsulate and illuminate the stories, and the sense of purpose I’ve experienced here. You can follow along the work of the communications office and our student and faculty partners on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.