Never Stop Learning (CASE D2 Conference Scholarship)

One of the biggest lessons I learned in a classroom was during 4th year at Mount Allison. It was in a seminar class about “Political and Technological Innovation”…or something. The point of the class wasn’t to memorize names and dates but to understand the how and why behind different political and economic distributions in history.

It covered everything from a guest lecture on Monsanto’s genetically modified crops, to Steve Jobs’ mixing art and science, and to Václav Havel’s role as a public intellectual. One of the most important lectures wasn’t on those topics but the future of the Class of 2012 and what we’d do. Assuming we weren’t going to earn a living in manual labor, my professor said, the most important thing we could do is to learn how to learn and do it quickly.

With that in mind I’m humbled to announce that I’ve been awarded a scholarship to attend the CASE District 2 Annual Conference – #CASE2DC: Monumental Shifts. I think it’ll be an amazing opportunity to learn from the among the best educational marketers, including insights from Holton-Arms School, Finalsite, George Washington University, Binghamton University, American University.

In the near future I hope to again be a conference presenter and attending conferences like this will help in understanding the current issues and challenges facing other independent schools, colleges, and universities.