It never gets easier, you just get better

When you’re out in the working world, milestones can seem to get further and further apart. Once all the firsts, and seconds, and thirds are done things can seem old hat. It only occurred to me at the end of the day today how much I had accomplished without thinking too much about any one single event and how just a few years ago doing just one of them would have felt like a feat.

This morning, some of the top decision-makers at my school wanted a review of┬áto what extent our digital and social media efforts had borne fruit and what our plans are for the year ahead. Before I’d had much experience with public speaking I would have been nervous but at this point I didn’t even have to ‘remind’ myself that I know the subject matter very well.

I then coordinated with people across the country what we’re doing at a conference later this month (more on that later).

After work, I made enough progress on a site project I’ve been working on that I’m confident I’ll launch it next week (along with the client).

On my way home I thought “hmm…well how about I see about taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification to get re-certified (my certification was set to expire in September) without waiting for the weekend and reviewing more for it. I got a 91%. There were a few tricky questions but after using something regularly it becomes pretty natural.

So if there’s anything I could tell my 21-year old self about the professional world is that things don’t get easier. People are going to be just as or more critical of you right now, tests (both figurative and literal) will be objectively the same, you’ll just get better at dealing with them.