Content calendar for digital/social media publishing

Planning is important when it comes to making the most of what can be a very hectic year. There are dozens of tools available that make people and teams more organized (in addition to the default Google Docs and Calendar).

People want to use the best of the best but there are so many options to choose from people don’t always know the best route to go.

I’ve made a Google Sheet similar to the featured image that is content-based and includes recurring events and their title, audience, delivery mechanism, content/description, connected link to the content, content type (photo, video, text). It’s helpful to be able to have the year of things I know need to get done together so that when…well…communications…life happens and something unexpectedly unexpected happens, I’m not left confused when I get back to my ‘normal’ to-do list.

It isn’t as cool-looking as CoSchedule’s marketing calendar (or even its WordPress editorial calendar) or other digital scheduling/planning options, but it works for me. What works for you/your team?