Starting work at American University

Today, I started work at American University as the Web Content & Marketing Coordinator at the School of Professional & Extended Studies. I will be responsible for managing web content and the school’s social media strategy, producing news stories, creating video content, and helping to promote university events (among other projects).

Clearly that’s just a broad overview of the new role. I’ll continue to update here as things progress.

Finishing up at Friends’ Central

Hello all,

After two years at Friends’ Central I’m making the move back to higher ed by accepting a job at a university. My last day at Friends’ Central was today (June 11th), the school’s graduation day,

I’ve learned a lot and grown as a professional over my time at FCS (as documented on this blog). From helping to launch the new website in November 2015 and managing social media, to ultimately improving user experience and working on an integrated project (including advertising) to help achieve enrollment marketing goals.

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had there, the great people I worked with, and how my time there has prepared me for the next chapter in my career, which I’ll write about in the future.