(Nearly) One Year at American University


For those of you who have kept up with these blog posts, you may have noticed there has…not been a lot to keep up with lately. That’s because, over the last year, I’ve been incredibly busy with the changing nature of my work and a number of time-intensive projects that aren’t quite ready for prime time.

However, since it has been a LONG time since I shared anything, I figure I should offer a brief update.


Soon after I started at American University, my supervisor left for another job. As I took responsibilities above my job duties, I earned a promotion that took effect just six months after I started.

Added Responsibilities

It would be boring to list (or read) everything I’ve done in DC, but it generally has been combination of the baseline requirements of the (nearly identical) Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications position at the business school, the technical oversight required by the Online Content Manager at the School of Communication, and many of my previous supervisor’s Director of Communication & Marketing responsibilities including when I’ve been introduced as Acting Director (including leading an RFP process to secure and now managing a new marketing vendor, sourcing a new email provider and training staff, and managing the performance of a full-time Coordinator, part-time web staff, and student workers).

Keeping Current

On top of the day-to-day, I’ve made sure to stay current regarding industry best practices. While this kind of work has been previously relegated to “professional development”, many digital marketing roles (including mine) require it as a core job requirement. Recently I completed a couple of courses (Web Writing for Higher Ed and Advanced Web Analytics for Higher Ed) to provide resources to staff members in those areas I now train and manage to ensure we stay current. We’re working on a redesign effort and ensuring my team is on the same page will be crucial.

I also went to an advanced AdWords training and kept up on the latest in higher ed by going to EduWeb16 and the Stamats 2017 Adult Student Marketing Conference (and was good at tweeting, apparently).

New Resume

Because I work across the hall from our internships director who assists students in improving their professionalism and employability (and because I may soon be asked to help review resumes at our summer Professional Development Day, I figure I should practice what I may soon preach and update my own resume.

The layout hasn’t really changed since I created in a graphic design course at Newhouse almost five years ago. I’ve simplified it a bit so that it’s more easily editable (and replacing the expensive Fairfield font with a free alternative). Anyways, below is a very condensed version of what I’ve been up to. What do you think?

Geoff Campbell Resume