Advanced Web Analytics for Higher Ed

I realize I’ve been quite delayed in updating folks on what I’ve been up to. One of the many things I’ve prioritized since my promotion¬†to officially managing the marketing office is working to ensure my staff and I stay¬†informed of changes in the industry and tools that enable us to do our jobs. One of those has been the relatively low-cost (compared to conferences and full-time courses) Advanced Web Analytics for Higher Ed provided by Higher Ed Experts and taught by Bentley University’s Director of Digital Marketing, Joshua Dodson.

As I noted on their impressive roster of course alumni testimonials,

This course is a must for higher ed marketers. Joshua expertly explains key concepts for students to gain a more thorough understanding of Google Analytics and its more insight-producing functionalities.

I had already taken an advanced Google Analytics course through LunaMetrics and passed the GA Individual Qualification and am/have been certified in using the Google Analytics (and AdWords) for years now, but this course have hands-on advice on how to make the most of the tool for large institutions (including specific ways to mitigate and overcome sampling aside from what’s publicly available).