AdWords Display Certification

I recently passed earned Google’s AdWords Display Certification. While Facebook leads in display advertising (and has its own ad platform LMS I’ve also used), the massive scale, measurable performance, contextual engine for ad placements, and targeting options make it incredibly valuable.

The AdWords Display Advertising Exam covers the following areas:

  • Google Display Network
    • Breadth and depth
    • Contextual targeting
    • Display Network ad auction
    • Search Network with Display Select/opt-in (JUST SAY NO)
    • AdWords Ad Gallery
    • Bidding on GDN
      • vCPM, ECPC
      • Bid adjustments
      • Automated bidding
      • Dynamic display ads
      • Lightbox ad
    • Targeting
      • Managed placements
      • Targeting by topic
      • Negative keywords
      • Language targeting
      • Ad Scheduling
      • Device targeting
      • Display Planner
      • Audience Interest
      • Similar audiences (similar to Lookalike audience in FB)
      • Demographic targeting
      • Remarketing (including dynamic)
      • Dynamic retargeting
    • Evaluating performance