AdWords Mobile Certification

Most Google searches are on mobile devices. That’s been true for nearly two years now. That means, in addition to the necessity for a¬†mobile user-friendly website, you need to ensure your advertising is optimized for mobile.

While not everyone needs to increase mobile app downloads, businesses need to take advantage of mico-moments (I-Want-to-Know, I-Want-to-Go, I-Want-to-Do, and I-Want-to-Buy).

I recently earned Google’s AdWords Mobile Certification. The Mobile Advertising Exam covers these key topic areas:

  • Consumer behavior and the impact of mobile
  • Mobile trends
  • Changes in mobile decision making
  • Promoting an app
  • Driving calls
  • Increasing online or store sales
  • Building¬†awareness
  • Best Practices
  • Mobile bidding and targeting
    • Mobile bid adjustment, keywords, targeting, flexible bidding (maximize clicks, target search page location, target outranking share, target CPA, enhanced CPC, target return on ad spend), and remarketing
  • Mobile ad details
    • Search network, display network, YouTube
    • Ad extensions
    • Ad formats
    • Mobile display
    • Interstitial/video
    • App promotion
    • App engagement
  • Measurement
    • Conversion actions (website sign ups/purchases, iOS and Android app downloads/actions, phone calls (from ads, calls to a forwarding number on website, and phone clicks on mobile site), and importing offline conversions