AdWords Search Certification

If you know anything about paid digital advertising, you likely know Google accounts for the vast majority (78%) of US search ad revenue. If you are doing paid search, you’re likely running AdWords.

I recently passed the Search Advertising exam (again). It’s a pretty thorough exam covering the following areas:

  • Consumer behavior and the impact of search
    • Trends and opportunities
    • Campaign types
    • Account organization
    • Ad formats
    • Text and mobile ads
    • Keyword matching options
    • Negative keywords
    • Building a keyword list
    • Targeting geo locations
    • Budgeting
      • Bid strategies
      • Manual CPC
      • ECPC
      • Bid adjustments
      • Automated bidding
      • Maximize Clicks
      • Target Search Page Location
      • Target CPA
      • Target outranking share
      • Target ROAS
      • Daily vs. monthly budget (30.4 times daily, etc)
    • Managing campaigns
      • Scheduling, rotation & frequency capping
      • Different types of URLs
      • Conversion tracking
      • Remarketing for search ads
      • Multiple accounts and bulk changes (AdWords manager accounts and AdWords Editor)
    • Measurement
      • Finding insights
      • Evaluating performance
      • Clicks and impressions (and impression share)
      • Conversions and ROI
    • Reporting
      • Search terms report
      • Paid and organic search results
      • Attribution reports


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