AdWords Video Certification

I recently took the time to put my skills and knowledge to the test and passed the AdWords Video Advertising exam.

The test, in combination with AdWords Fundamentals, leads to the AdWords Video Certification.

While I can’t share specifics, the test covers these broad areas (with a few specifics, to give you an idea of context). Some require basic math skills and general paid digital advertising knowledge.


  • Benefits of advertising on YouTube
  • YouTube and audience engagement
  • TrueView in-stream ads (Technical details including when to use, how you’re charged, and where they appear)
  • Targeting options:
    • Keyword contextual targeting
    • Demographic
    • Topics
    • Affinity audiences
    • Custom affinity audiences
    • In-market audiences
    • Placements
    • Video Remarketing
  • TrueView video campaigns
    • Video campaign type:
      • Supports TrueView video ad formats, CPV, and Target CPA bidding strategies
    • Benefits of TrueView video ads
      • TrueView in-stream ads
        • When to use
        • How does it work?
        • Where can the ads appear?
        • How will I be charged?
      • Trueview video discovery ads
        • When to use
        • How does it work?
        • Where can the ads appear?
        • How will I be charged?
  • Optimizing video campaigns
    • Making the most of CPV (cost-per-view)
    • Making the most of CTR
    • Narrowing targeting
    • Improving bidding
    • CTA Overlays
    • Best Practices for video ads
    • Measuring performance
      • Display ad mouseover
      • Display ad interactions
      • Video play per quartile
      • Tracking viewer conversions
    • Measuring brand awareness
      • Impressions
      • Engagement
      • Reach/Frequency
    • YouTube Analytics
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