Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing

Even before I became responsible for overseeing a unit-wide content strategy I was involved in extensive copywriting and editing. I had taken one traditional and one web writing course as part of my communications master’s degree, but I felt a need to learn more about the logistics of copywriting and working with others.

There are dozens of courses available on this topic but I wanted to learn from instructors with extensive experience in journalistic copyediting. Poynter News University seemed like the perfect fit.

I first heard of Poynter (a journalism news website and training provider) after one of their folks reached out to me after they became interested in why I made NPR’s Facebook page a lifetime ago.

The Poynter ACES (American Copy Editors Society) certificate in Editing consists of a number of courses that, together, provide the standards, skills, and best practices of editing. The specific courses are listed below. I highly recommend the certificate for those starting out in copyediting (and those, like me, who might need a refresher to this day).