Geoffrey Campbell, Tableau Desktop Specialist


I wanted to share some news. After a lot of learning/practice/studying (and pining for an opportunity like this), I just successfully passed the newly unveiled Tableau Desktop Specialist exam.

Tableau Desktop Specialist

I first used Tableau in years ago when I was becoming frustrated in my attempts using other BI tools to combine data from disparate sources. After learning the power of Tableau through Zen Masters (official title) like Matt FrancisPooja Gandhi, and others, I (successfully made the budgetary case for and then) made the big dive and took the Tableau Desktop II course (taught by Interworks and other partners).

Tableau is a fantastic product and I’d like using it to be a regular part of my next job.

You can learn its primary functions by reviewing their free online resources, reviewing/reverse-engineering some of the coolest visualizations, and using the company’s free version, Tableau Public. If you’re feeling competitive, you can even take part in free public competitions with leading experts via Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday.

Until recently, however, there wasn’t a credential demonstrating base knowledge of the software. There are more advanced certifications that are geared towards those have already been using the tool professionally for several months/years.

Tableau has been aware of the need for an evaluation to test core competency in using the tool to help who love Tableau but aren’t yet in a position to use it in a full-time basis. I’m very thankful they’ve addressed the need for this type of evaluation.

Side note:

For digital marketers, it’s crucial to never stop learning. That’s why I’ve made it a priority to learn and demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in leading web marketing tools and tactics, including those below.

If you need a freelancer with any of the above skills, let me know.