Newhouse Mobile Magazine Contest


Working in such an immersive environment with so many ongoing projects it can be easy to lose track of what’s happening outside of the bubble. The exact same thing happened at Mount Allison but I think that’s part of what made it such a special place.

However, the other day I was reminded of my time at the Newhouse School in upstate New York (which I left nearly nine months ago for the University of Virginia where I completed my degree with an internship in the office of Community Relations) when I got an email asking my permission to use photos I took at last year‘s Tablet Magazine Competition. It was my first real out-of-the-classroom photography experience and (after reassurance from professors impressed by the outcome that it was good work) it really helped build my confidence when it came to photography. I’m thankful for that learning experience and humbled that the Newhouse School webmaster thinks my photos are good enough to include on their impressively redesigned website.

Geoff Campbell Prezi

Geoff Campbell Skills and Experience
Geoff Campbell Skills and Experience

Geoff Campbell Skills and Experience

I recently created a Prezi about my skills and experience related to higher education communication and public relations. Take a look here.

Character-driven Story

I just finished version one of my character-driven story for NEW 600 Visual and Multimedia Journalism. Here it is, I hope you like it.

Tyler Sliker, Program Coordinator at The Q Center at AIDS Community Resources

Quick Update

Hi everybody,

So I’ve been very busy finishing up work to complete my M.S. in Public Relations here at Newhouse, taking a Visual and Multimedia Journalism class, interning in the marketing and communication office here at Syracuse University, and seeking a full-time job starting in June. Given that, posting here has unfortunately gone by the wayside at times.

Today though, I had time to tone and upload some photos from a trip to San Francisco. I also uploaded a Syracuse University “Sense of Place” video to YouTube, and had my post on WCG rock star Chuck Hemann’s talk about social analytics published on Syracuse University’s social media blog which (for which I’m seeking submissions from all SU students).

I should have a few more posts up before too long.

I’ll be writing about my best practices paper on higher ed use of social media (which will be written after I attend Michael Stoner’s talk on exactly that at PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education Senior Summit next week), the forthcoming Tobacco-Free campus initiative campaign book my PR campaigns class group is working on with our client the Lerner Center, and hopefully at least a couple digital literacy/job hunt videos I’m working on at SU. (I know AP style but I’m going to use it whenever I’m not forced to abandon it).

For now here’s my Syracuse University sense of place video

and my apology for not posting often by way of a picture of an adorable dog I found in Berkeley, CA who was nice enough to pose for me:

San Francisco Tourist Photo

Master’s Bootcamp at the Newhouse School

Newhouse School Bootcamp

Last week I posted a video about the 6-week master’s bootcamp for master’s students at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications on their new Newhouse Insider blog. (The blog is a collection of post by Newhouse students organized by the Graduate Records Office about their experience here.) I made the video (below) over four months ago because I felt it would be helpful for prospective master’s student (especially those considering the M.S. in Public Relations) what the intensive six week courses here were like.

I didn’t share it then because I wasn’t satisfied with the technical quality of it. I speak too quickly and the slides change far too quickly. I always meant to go back and re-record it but then November the class workload increased and I never got around to it. Recently, however, there was another call for posts to the blog and I figured that, as Voltaire (and later President Obama) counseled, I shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It’s not a perfect video but neither was the blog I wrote at Mount Allison University but I know it helped people.

Anyways if I had time I’d re-shoot it, it doesn’t represent everything I’ve learned in the last four months (or what I’ll learn in my photography/videography class) but it might help some people decide whether or not to come here so I’m sharing it. Here’s to hoping you get something out it.


Tablet Magazine Design Competition

Tablet Magazine Competition
Yesterday I took photos of the Tablet Magazine Design Competition at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Four teams were selected to proceed to the next round of judging. More information will be announced in the near future.


Higher Ed / College Campus Photos

College Campus Photos

Over the past couple months, as part of my Multimedia and Visual Journalism course at Newhouse I’ve taken hundreds of photos. Here are a few from around campus.

Syracuse University in WinterSyracuse University in WinterSyracuse University in WinterSyracuse University in WinterSyracuse University S.I. Newhouse School Public RelationsSyracuse University S.I. Newhouse School Public Relations
Syracuse University PhotographySyracuse University PhotographySyracuse University PhotographySyracuse University PhotographyMike Swartz presenting at the Newhouse Tablet Magazine CompetitionTablet Magazine Design Competition
Tablet Magazine Design CompetitionTablet Magazine Design CompetitionTablet Magazine Design CompetitionTablet Magazine Design CompetitionSyracuse University PhotographyTablet Magazine Design Competition


PRSA CHE (Higher Ed PR) Senior Summit


Every year, the Counselors to Higher Education (CHE) section of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) holds a Senior Summit where practitioners can learn hear from experienced executives on best practices and learn from one another what they can do to improve the communication activities at their higher education institutions.

Thanks in large part to subsidies from the Newhouse School (specifically Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Studies Joel Kaplan), The William P. Ehling Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and Syracuse University’s Graduate Student Organization, I will be attending the 2013 Summit in April.

The Summit bills itself as the “premier annual event on higher education communications” and this year they clearly set out to live up to that expectation.

This year’s Summit features the following:

  • A keynote luncheon by Michael Stoner entitled “Social Works: How #HigherEd Uses #SocialMedia to Raise Money, Build Awareness, Recruit Students and Get Results“.
  • A session discussing the first ever research on CHE members of duties and how practitioners “can  gain a seat at the table in order to practice truly strategic public relations” led by Rosalynne D. Whitaker-Heck from Hampton University and Jeanette DeDiemar from Florida State University
  • a panel discussion about hosting the 2012 Presidential Debates at University of Denver Daniels College of Business and Lynn University
  • A panel discussion led by John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations at Quinnipiac University entitled “The Next Time: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy”
  • A National Media Panel on Higher Education, featuring
    Mary Beth Marklein, higher education correspondent, USA Today
    Liz McMillen, editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Tim Goral, editor in chief, University Business
    Scott Jaschik, editor, Inside Higher Ed
  • A keynote luncheon by Jason Simon, director of marketing communications at the University of California entitled: “Marketing Blunder? Hardly. How Being “Boldly Californian” Brought Down a Logo and Left A Stronger University of California”

and many more discussions and opportunities for networking.

While I’m the only attendee currently registered who is not already working full-time I plan to get everything I can out of this investment of time and money. I’ll be taking extensive notes on what I assume will be insightful lectures and discussions in addition to the opportunity to hear from dozens of industry professionals. I’m very excited for this opportunity to learn firsthand insights from masters in the field I hope to enter in June.

There is a private list of attendees only for those attending but there is also a page on Lanyrd for the event.

M.S. in PR Spring Semester at Newhouse

Geoff Campbell Newhouse SU

Hey everyone. I’m just finishing up my first week of the spring semester of classes at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I’ve had every class at least once and well, I’m very excited. I had been planning on sharing with you some of what will be keeping me busy this semester but my friend and fellow PR grad student Megan Christopher beat me to the punch. Take a look at her newly redesigned blog here.

Below is some information about the classes everybody in our cohort are taking. I’m also auditing a class in Visual and Multimedia Journalism that will help me tremendously in creating content at my internship this semester as a Digital and Social Media Intern in the marketing and communication office here at SU. I’ll update this blog with some of my work in that class once I have something worth sharing.

I’m enjoying all of my classes so far. It’ll be quite a bit of work but I’m ready and eager to do it. Here’s the information about the semester I’m borrowing from Megan who borrowed it from the course syllabi. There are also bi-weekly classes (PR Practicum) that focus on professional development and complement our internship.

Understanding Financial Statements


  • To be able to understand and prepare basic financial statements.
  • Become comfortable with accounting terminology.
  • Develop the ability to communicate the implications of various financial reporting issues.
  • Develop the ability to make reasonable estimates of firms’ financial health.

Major Assignment:

Research project: In a group, complete an analysis of a publicly held company. Groups will analyze the profitability, asset and liability utilization, liquidity, solvency, and debt coverage of the company by making comparisons of (1) the company’s performance over time and (2) the company in comparison to a single other competitor as well as the industry average.

Public Relations Campaign Planning and Execution


  • To understand the four stages of campaign planning.
  • To become familiar with the message development process.
  • To become familiar with public relations tactics and social media platforms.
  • To learn how to evaluate a strategic campaign.

Major Assignments:

Campaign project: Groups will be assigned to design, execute and evaluate an appropriate integrated campaign for the client (The Lerner Center) and will present the campaign book to the client.

Case study assignment: An individually written paper describing, analyzing and evaluating a public relations case relative to the group campaign project.

Public Relations Management


  • To appreciate the value of both the art and science of management.
  • To become familiar with the functions of management.
  • To understand the evolution of public relations as a function of management.
  • To identify the “best practices” in public relations/communications management.

Major Assignments:

Best practices paper: This paper will capture the assessment and insights provided by an in-depth analysis and research based on 3 – 5 key “best practices”. The paper will also address key findings on areas where public relations professionals can make a significant difference in organizations by employing the best practices.

.eduGuru: Broadcast AND Engagement

Broadcast and Engagement

I just wanted to share with you that I had my first guest post published on It’s a bit about my case study on Syracuse University’s Social Media use (Broadcast AND Engagement) that I wrote for my graduate PR Theory class at Newhouse. Here’s a snippet below.

As many of you know, Syracuse University is a school that is “smart” at social media. Kate Brodock, executive director of digital and social media at Syracuse University directs a student team that manages SU’s social media presence and they do an admirable job at spreading SU’s message effectively and engaging with a variety of stakeholders online.

The full article is available at