Video at Hebron

In many communications offices, priorities can shift quickly depending on the needs of other departments and subject to photo opportunities and important events. Thankfully at Hebron, we’ve been able to dedicate time to providing our audiences with photos and videos of what makes Hebron great.

To date, I’ve made slideshows compiling photos and footage taken by myself and others. Most recently I edited a significant amount of archive footage into a video commemorating the 1994 and 1995 New England Championship hockey victories by Hebron.

In the near future I’ll be completing a yield video that follows through on my argument about the increasing need for independent schools to make videos to appeal to prospective students and their parents.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve invested time and money in improving my video editing skills and getting certified in Final Cut Pro X by Apple. My certification recently arrived in the mail and soon my schedule cleared up a little to allow for time to complete two videos for the admissions office.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 6.14.42 PM

Final Cut Pro X enables effective pre-production with the aid of placeholders.

Spending the time to go over the proper workflow and tools in FCP X has improved my efficiency and workflow. For example for an upcoming yield piece I’ll create full-length an outline of the video using placeholders. By the end of March I should have two completed videos with which to share with you.

Final Cut Pro X Certification

Final Cut Pro X Certification

While my work keeps me very occupied I know that I need to further develop my skills beyond my daily tasks. In early January I worked through hours of training videos (thank you, and the official Apple Pro Training Series book and DVD-rom with lesson/media files. It took a lot of time and energy (and was the most rote memorization I’ve done since college but I passed the exam and now am an Apple Certified Pro. The increased knowledge and improved efficiency with the program helped me right away in editing together footage for an Alumni Hockey reunion on campus.

Final Cut Pro X Certification

My Final Cut Pro X Certification