Finished Work at Mount Allison University

Geoff Campbell's going away gifts
My co-workers are pretty awesome.

This afternoon I finished up my last day of work at the Marketing and Communications Office at Mount Allison University. I finished the video “Why Consider Mount Allison University” as my last project. If I’m able to end up somewhere with co-workers half as supportive, funny, and generally great to be around I’ll consider myself lucky.

For my part I did a extensive research of best practices on using social media for higher education and worked to integrate them into Mount Allison’s ongoing communication strategy.

For this field metrics are important but on a personal level it wasn’t the success of any project I worked on but the genuine support of my direct and indirect supervisors.

Geoff Campbell - Mount Allison University Recommendations

If I am ever fortunate enough to be able to pay it forward I will because my time there ultimately convinced me to pursue a career in communications.

Thanks to everybody who made my year working there a great one.