GRA 617 Visual Communications Theory and Practice with Professor Darren Sanefski

Thinking with Type - Ellen Lupton

Thinking with Type, the required textbook for GRA 617 Visual Communication Theory and Practice at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

Today I began my first graphic design course since high school, GRA 617 Visual Communications Theory and Practice at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications taught by graphic design and photography Assistant Professor Darren Sanefski who also runs DMS Design Studio, a graphic design business with clients including Boeing, Pacificare, Syracuse University.

From the GRA 617 Visual Communication Theory & Practice syllabus:

Graphics 617 is a practical introduction to graphic design as it applies to your
Newhouse studies and to the greater professional field. The course includes visual
thinking, problem solving, typography, layout and design principles, and art
direction through type and image use. The course combines lectures, hands-on
moderated lab sections to learn the Adobe CS5 software (moving to CS6 this
summer), and class exercises including blogging. Required lectures are held for the
entire group in an auditorium setting, and labs are broken into smaller sections of
approximately 15 students headed by an Instructional Assistant (student) in a
Macintosh computer lab. Weekly projects are due every Friday starting the first full
week of the class. Weekly project critiques guide students to redo projects for
resubmission for re-grading.

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