Kicking it up a notch @NewhouseSU

Today begins my first full week of graduate school. I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed at times here but there’s no way back from here. I have next to no graphic design experience and from one lab and looking at our class blog I can tell I’m in a class with really bright people who are more artistically inclined/have more experience w/ Adobe CS.

But honestly now’s not the time for excuses like those. It’s time to learn and to do better.

As I’ve mentioned on my other blog and implied here, posting things publicly gives it added importance as it’ll be publicly viewed and possibly critiqued. Blogging over the past four years, however, has not been for class credit. I’m really going to have to kick it up a notch if I’m going to look even half-decent compared to my other classmates. If you’d like to follow along with my and my classmates’ assignments in GRA 617 you can follow along here. If you’d like to see my posts (including finished projects) you can do so here. So far it’s been nothing to be proud of but sharing it makes it want to improve and I know I will. Commenting on other’s work is a required part of the class so here’s to hoping the feedback on my work is positive.

For anyone considering coming to Newhouse for any program for graduate school, these posts will serve as in insight to the kind of work we’re doing here. I’ve got a bit of nervous energy being able to work next to some really bright students on something I know very little about but in which I’d really like to improve.

Oh, and in case you’re not aware of Emeril Lagasse, here’s what I mean by kicking it up a notch: