Measuring the “Quality” of Videos

As I move into making more videos for Friends’ Central I’m concerned with what the effect will be. Following Wistia’s method, one of the most helpful web video production sites I’ve come across, engagement/retention can be seen as an analog for quality. There are different metrics to use when trying to reach different goals but I see no better way to measure quality (at least in the eyes of your viewers), than engagement. I’m happy to say then, that the 2015 Valentine’s Day¬†video I produced (with some content from others at the school) was enjoyed by those who watched it.


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 9.34.05 AM \

The day the video went up, in this state it had a view/engagement rate of 84%. In addition, YouTube shared with me an nice encouraging nugget of information that it got more views on its first day than any other video over the previous six months.Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.50.50 PM


While it’s not an in-depth look at the school it does give a sense of what the community is like on these special occasions. What’s even more valuable is to look at the relative audience retention (“your video’s ability to retain viewers during playback comparing it to all YouTube videos of similar length”) to see at which points your audience gains and loses interest and making adjustments on the next video.