HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

In addition to working hands on with HubSpot’s marketing automation platform in the past and demonstrating a clear return on investment of using the platform effectively, I’ve also begun adopting best practices in email marketing to build a documentation as part of our academic unit’s content strategy for the web.

HubSpot’s free course (a pretty effective inbound marketing effort to entice students to use their product in and of itself) covers the importance of building an email strategy for your organization, lifecycle marketing, contact management and segmentation, components of a high-performing email, email design and functionality, deliverability, lead nurturing, email analytics, and optimization/testing.

As you know, there’s a lot more to email marketing than making something look nice and hitting send. As we build in the above aspects into our email planning and execution, I think we’ll see the dividends in an improved engagement and conversion metrics.

Note: It can be difficult to highlight or share my thoughts on efforts that are largely internal and gradual, but I’m hopeful that one day I’ll be able to share the 10,000-foot overview of the effects of our combined email marketing effects as I did previously using inbound marketing methods.